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Integrative Medicine Membership

The Chen Center has established an Integrative Membership Program that combines individualized 24/7 primary care medical services and integrative services, such as Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and Western Herbs, into one package. Membership plans for adults start at $250/month for up to 2 office or remote (virtual) visits per month and membership for children 12-18 years of age is $85.70/month.  Membership plans are offered with Primary Care medical services by default, although you can decline this benefit and retain your current Primary Care Provider (PCP) 

Integrative Medicine Consultations

For those whom already have a primary care provider, Integrative Medicine Consultations offer an opportunity to explore your health and wellness through the lens of a Board Certified Integrative Medicine Physician. One time, 60 minute Consultations are offered at $250 per consultation and can be done in-person at The Chen Center or remotely.

Private Acupuncture Sessions

In-person treatments are offered at The Chen Center at $130 per 60 minute session. 

Distance Acupuncture Sessions

Distance Acupuncture is an innovative technique developed by Dr. Chen to address the need for acupuncture in a socially-distanced society. Remote treatments are offered at $85 per session.

Group Acupuncture Sessions

Group Acupuncture is a cost effective way to continue your acupuncture therapy. Treatments for all conditions are done in our relaxing chairs in our large treatment room with a view of the outside. There may be up to 3 other socially distanced patients in the same treatment room. In-person Treatments are offered at The Chen Center at $45 per 60 minute session. 

Chinese Birth Chart (Ba Zi) Consultations

The practice of Chinese Medicine involves an understanding of the energetic patterns that underlie the many facets of an individual. A person’s predisposition to health and wellness, illness and disease, talents, weaknesses, and even personality can all be understood through the study of the information that is revealed by the Chinese Luni-solar Calendar. Not only can this information be used to understand oneself, but it can be used to understand one’s significant other, children, friends and colleagues, and how best to interact with them.
Individual, Couple, and Family Consultations offered at $250 per 60 minute session either In-person at The Chen Center or remotely.

Please note: An additional surcharge on credit card transactions that is equal to our cost of credit card acceptance will be added to all prices.  Cash and Check prices are as stated.


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