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Integrative Medicine

The Chen Center was created in 2019 as a place to combine the best of Western, Eastern and Integrative Medicine and to offer a seamless concierge medicine experience to a limited number of patient members. The Chen Center also offers medical acupuncture, both private and group sessions.


The driving concept behind The Chen Center is that one’s state of health is dependent on accurate knowledge about their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. Knowledge is power and with knowledge one can make informed decisions about the balance of health and disease they are willing to accept or change.  The power of choice regarding your health is yours and ours to assist with.

The Chen Method

Sometimes we call it the “secret sauce” of the Chen Center.  The “Method” is a single coherent system of medicine that combines and integrates the medical frameworks and the techniques that Dr. Chen has found to be effective over his career.  Amongst others, The Method integrates findings from disciplines in Behavioral Health, Western Allopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrative and Functional Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Chinese Chrono-biology and psychology, Feng Shui, Qi Gong and movement therapies.

What We Do: Beyond Patient Care

Teaching & Mentoring

Dr. Howard Chen welcomes teaching and mentorship opportunities. He invites students who are studying both traditional and non-traditional medicine to train alongside him while at this practice. Please contact our office to learn more about these upcoming opportunities. 

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Medical Education

As part of the mission of the Chen Center, Dr. Howard Chen seeks to educate other medical professionals who treat patients, especially those who are still undergoing their own training. Dr. Howard Chen has a special affinity for teaching medical students, as he hopes to broaden the education of our next generation of our medical providers.


Dr. Howard Chen schedules lectures on a regular basis to the public and medical professionals about different facets of the Chen Method that are relevant to personal health.  He is available to speak nationally and internationally, and can be booked through his personal website:

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