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Relaxing, Friendly Environment

More than a decade after Dr. Chen pioneered Group Acupuncture treatments in Reno, there continues to be a strong demand for low cost, effective acupuncture treatments that treat pain and other conditions throughout the body.  


Group therapy patients are treated while seated in their choice of comfortable chairs separated by privacy screens where they relax or sleep during the treatments.  During the treatment session, Dr. Chen will assess and treat each patient with acupuncture for their  individual concerns and conditions. There may be up to 3 other socially distanced patients in the same treatment room. Sessions generally last up to 60 minutes. 


In-person Treatments are offered at The Chen Center at $45 per 60 minute session. 

Please note:
*An additional surcharge on credit card transactions that is equal to our cost of credit card acceptance will be added to all prices.  Cash and Check prices are as stated.
**As a policy, we do not bill insurance, nor do we provide detailed receipts that can be used to seek 3rd party reimbursement.

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