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Private Acupuncture

The signature treatment of the The Chen Center experience is a one-on-one session with Dr. Chen.  While these are termed “Acupuncture” therapies, other facets of the Chen Method are often included, such as Chinese Chrono-psychobiology as needed.  During a Private 1:1 session, patients will relax on a warm bed in a darkened room, while Dr. Chen discusses your concerns with you and begins to help you understand how they fit together into a cohesive picture.  During the treatment phase, Dr. Chen will simultaneously balance you and treat your conditions, often treating multiple issues simultaneously.    Once the treatment has begun, patients are invited to sleep or rest to enhance the benefits of the treatment.  Sessions generally last up to 60 minutes. 


Private treatments are offered at $130 per 60 minute session.

Distance Acupuncture

Distance Acupuncture is an innovative technique developed by Dr. Chen to address the need for acupuncture in a socially-distanced society. Treatments are performed completely remotely – you remain in the comfort of your own home or the relaxing space of your choosing, anywhere in the world.

The treatment begins with a short communication with Dr. Chen regarding your current concerns. Afterwards, you lay down or recline to receive the treatment.  Falling asleep is optional but encouraged! Treatment duration is 45-60 minutes.


Remote treatments are offered at $85 per session.

Please note:
*An additional surcharge on credit card transactions that is equal to our cost of credit card acceptance will be added to all prices.  Cash and Check prices are as stated.
**As a policy, we do not bill insurance, nor do we provide detailed receipts that can be used to seek 3rd party reimbursement.

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"I have been seeing Dr. Chen for almost 2 years to
treat different medical conditions. I have used distant acupuncture, and would highly recommend this type
of acupuncture, it has given me the ability to get my acupuncture treatment when I am unable make it to
the office for my session, and I am still able get all the benefits of an office acupuncture sessions."


—  Joy C., Reno Nevada