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Distance Acupuncture



Distance Acupuncture is an innovative technique developed by Dr. Chen to address the need for acupuncture in a socially-distanced society. Treatments are performed completely remotely – you remain in the comfort of your own home or the relaxing space of your choosing, anywhere in the world.

The treatment begins with a short communication with Dr. Chen regarding your current concerns. Afterwards, you lay down or recline to receive the treatment.  Falling asleep is optional but encouraged! Treatment duration is 45-60 minutes.


Remote treatments are offered at $85 per session.

Please note:
*As a policy, we do not bill insurance, nor do we provide detailed receipts that can be used to seek 3rd party reimbursement.

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"I have been seeing Dr. Chen for almost 2 years to
treat different medical conditions. I have used distant acupuncture, and would highly recommend this type
of acupuncture, it has given me the ability to get my acupuncture treatment when I am unable make it to
the office for my session, and I am still able get all the benefits of an office acupuncture sessions."


—  Joy C., Reno Nevada