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Personalized Medical Care, incorporating Western, Eastern, and Integrative Medicine, to predict,prevent, and manage disease.


Acupuncture and Chinese medicine consultation and treatment for illnesses, injuries or chronic conditions.


Using Chinese astrology to look at energetic patterns of an individual.

Events & Teaching

If you wish to learn more about Dr. Chen and his unique Western and Chinese medicine methods, here are some resources:

Upcoming Tea Time Talk with Sabine Wilms (paywalled): 

Tea Time Talk: Determining the Root - Chinese Calendar Constitutional Diagnosis and Treatment, with Howard Chen M.D., (continued)

July 13th, 2024 @ 10AM PDT

Following the Chinese Lunisolar calendar has helped me understand the path that has been laid before me. As a person with a constitution of deficient yang metal with a bit too much wood, I have found that structure and growth have been my constant life companions. At Brown University, I studied ways to integrate both Western and Traditional Health practices through my Major, “Biopsychosocial health”. The part of me that desired structure won out and I went on to study BioMedicine, eventually becoming a Family Medicine Physician. But of course, as in the theory of the Five Phases (五行), there is a time for structure and a time for growth, so I went on to study and practice Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, looking for answers that BioMedicine could not provide. On the way, I studied French Energetics, Worsley Five Element, and Tan Balance Method Acupuncture, and of course the Chinese calendar. When I realized that I needed more work on understanding and treating the Spiritual causes of disease, I went on a year long meditation retreat. When I had recovered, I established a clinic named the Chen Center for Integrative Medicine, where we tried to bring both Western and Eastern Medicine together. Most recently, when I realized I didn’t know enough about what my TCM students knew, I enrolled in the formal study of TCM at Middle Way Acupuncture Institute.

In my life cycle of establishing stability and structure, preferring growth, and then returning to establishing a new structure and stability, the practice that has been the most enduringly useful to me has been the study of the Chinese calendar in the context of the BaZi (生辰八字). After more than a decade of study and application of its principles with every one of my Biomedicine and Chinese Medicine patients, I can say for certain that it deciphers an individual’s constitution, the proverbial běn (本 of 标 and 本), which I believe is the xìng (性) that many authors, such as Wang FengYi (王凤仪) refer to. With this knowledge, we gain very specific information about an individual’s predilection for disease or health, such as where and when disease will manifest, and how to maintain health. Furthermore, through the comparison of the information from the 生辰八字and principles of TCM and Worsely Five Element, I’ve gained insight into the misunderstandings of Yin Yang theory and the Five Phases that we are all taught, and how this weakens our practice of Chinese Medicine.

Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) Podcast, Season5, Episode 8: Everything is Related: Exploring the Ancient Wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine for Mental Well-Being

Nov 08, 2023

Join us as we bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern mental health solutions with Dr. Howard Chen. Dr. Chen takes us on a fascinating journey through the principles and practices of Classical Chinese Medicine. He explains how emotions are connected to the organs and the interrelated nature of mental and physical wellness. Whether you’re a CCM enthusiast or new to this holistic approach, this episode promises valuable insights and practical tips for cultivating a harmonious mind-body connection.


Dr. Chen continues to teach in person and online with Tan Academy of Balance and the Dr. Han School of Acupuncture (formerly the Academy of  Acupuncture)

Magnified Grass


Distance acupuncture is
an amazing experience. I remained in my own home and experienced profound relaxation, symptom
relief and feelings of well-being. Comfortable, meditative,
and effective!

—  Lynn N, USA

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