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My Esteemed Patients –  


It is with trepidation that I announce the permanent closing of the physical office of The Chen Center and the termination of all memberships on June 30, 2022.   We will, however, continue our operations virtually, offering a la carte Integrative and Chinese Medicine consultations and distance acupuncture through our website, but not primary care or in-person acupuncture. 


Over the next few months, I encourage you to engage with a new primary care provider to ensure your smooth transition of care.  For local providers that I recommend, please contact us for an info sheet. During this transition time, our office will be working diligently to make sure that you (or the provider of your designation) receive a copy of your entire medical record and any correspondence we have received regarding your medical care from other providers.   

 I want to thank you for the honor of allowing me the opportunity for myself and my staff to care for you.  We appreciate you immensely – you have taught us so much and inspired us to continue striving for excellence in medicine.  


Regarding my future plans: as you know, my love for Chinese Medicine continues to grow, and I will devote my time to it’s continued study, having enrolled in a full-time school of Chinese Medicine in the Pacific Northwest, as well as (finally) writing those books on Five Element Theory and Chinese Astrology that I have been wanting to complete for years.  


Times of change are opportunities for introspection and growth.  As part of this process, I consulted the ancient oracle, the I Ching (Yi Jing) for all of us.  It’s most relevant reading is, “Heed past mistakes and be receptive to new ways of accomplishing things. The whole meaning of life is continual self-cultivation, or the chance to positively reform oneself on a daily basis.  Good fortune comes from the wisdom developed through understanding one’s past”. [1]  


Gratefully yours, and with loving kindness (metta), 


Dr. Chen 

Citation -  [1] Hexagram 10, line 5 – Hua Ching Ni, Book of Changes



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