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Become a Member

The capstone of The Chen Center experience, and an often requested option, is a membership program that focuses on utilizing the best methods of integrative medicine. This integrative practice is open to a small membership based group of patients. As a member, you will receive full Western, Integrative, and Eastern medicine expertise that our team helps coordinate for all your medical needs. Your physician will write both Western and Eastern prescriptions, order and assess laboratory work and imaging, and arrange for and liaison with all of your Specialty care providers.


Services Include


- 24/7 access to your doctor via phone and text for urgent needs

- Personal care coordinator for treatments & modalities

- Virtual visit capability
- BaZi consultation and analysis
- Lifestyle Medicine coaching and evaluations
- Private Acupuncture sessions
- Custom healing and therapy spaces
- Annual exams with complex personalized assessments
- Individualized nutrition, supplements, and herbal prescribing
- Health coaching and non-traditional remedies 


Please contact The Chen Center Team for Membership prices.

Please note:
*An additional surcharge on credit card transactions that is equal to our cost of credit card acceptance will be added to all prices.  Cash and Check prices are as stated.
**As a policy, we do not bill insurance, nor do we provide detailed receipts that can be used to seek 3rd party reimbursement.

We look forward to speaking with you.
Contact us or make a booking today!

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